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The best RFP process in the industry

We have a tried and true RFP process and we will outcompete and outperform any of our competitors If we determine that your company is a fit for our services, we are guaranteed to yield a significant savings on your overall LTL spend. There are so many ways we save our customers money, and it all starts with negotiating the right pricing for the exact services that your company needs.

A Team of Industry Experts

A Team of Industry Experts
We have a team of industry experts that specializes in every aspect of the LTL business. Whether it’s quoting, dispatching, tracking, auditing bills, or filing claims, we have a solution for everything that happens in this business. We aggressively tackle any problem that our competitors typically run away from.

User Friendly Software

We’ve shopped the market for the best software solutions in the LTL industry and we’ve found a web based software package that meets the exact needs of our customers. It has a simple interface that is very user friendly. Our software also has the flexibility to provide the most complex reporting functions to give you full visibility over everything you need for your LTL shipments

Superior Customer Service

When our customers need assistance, we always invite them to call us or email us with any problems they have. In the daily grind, our customers know they can always reach us when they need us, and we are quick to respond with answers and solutions that satisfy, and that’s one of the primary reasons they keep working with us. Whether it’s checking on the status of a shipment or dealing with very complex delivery requirements, we’re always happy to help our customers.

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