Who we are

Premier Logistics Partners is a progressive leader in the logistics industry in the United States. Although we are expanding into numerous sectors in the logistics industry, our core business is procuring, negotiating, and managing less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation for our clients. While our business operations are run from our main office in North Metro Atlanta, GA, we have the infrastructure, the relationships and the competency to handle your nationwide and international logistics needs. We have established lasting relationships with customers and carriers alike. We make it our goal to simplify and streamline many of the internal logistics processes that bog down manufacturers and distributors, while at the same time reducing their overall shipping costs. We are able to accomplish this through our industry expertise, our web-based proprietary software, our negotiating power and our relational approach to our customers.

Our Vision
We will be a leading logistics provider by using our expertise, passion & focus on quality to deliver a competitive edge to our customers.


Our Mission

We will be a leading logistics provider by executing our five overarching strategies:

Negotiating Power

Our proprietary pricing models provide our customers with significant savings and contributions to their bottom line while at the same time sourcing profitable business for our carrier partners.


We attract, equip & retain talented professionals to handle the unpredictable and challenging situations which daily arise in logistics.


We are constantly strategizing ways to go above and beyond our competitors when it comes to serving our customers – for many of the problems that arise our customers “don’t even have to ask”. We proactively engage with solutions to resolve their issues.


We only partner with top-tier carriers. We only do business with the best, we stick with the best, we recommend the best, because we are the best.

Our Technology

We are on an unrelenting pursuit of leading-edge technology to create competitive edges in efficiency and accuracy.

Our Values

We operate with the following values and principles:


The foundation of our business is built on faith. We believe that everything is owned by God and therefore every task completed, decision made and dollar spent starts with the recognition that it all belongs to Him.


We do what we say we’re going to do. We aim to make our service commitments clear and reliable. If we’re off the mark, it’s because we under-promise and over-deliver.


We emphasize personal growth, professional growth and corporate growth…specifically in that order. We believe many other businesses have it backwards and the employees suffer as a result.


Love is a verb. It is what drives our service. We treat our employees, customers and vendors with dignity and respect and we empathize with their needs the same way we would a member of our own family.


We productively co-labor with customers and vendors, leveraging experience in a variety of markets in order to identify and exploit best practices and to streamline operations and contribute to success for all parties.

Agility & Energy

We continually challenge the status quo in our industry. We are nimble, able to adapt and adjust to complex challenges that arise in logistics. We are strategic advisors with impactful solutions – we combat confusion with certainty.


We are faith-based, desiring to support our community and “give ourselves away” in order to fulfill our life-calling.

Our Industry Associations and Memberships