The Questions You Should Be Asking in 2021

The Questions You Should Be Asking in 2021

No one could have predicted the disruptions that hit the logistics industry, this year. Americans are expected to lose an estimated $16 trillion due to COVID-19. Every industry from healthcare to retail has had to rethink their operations to navigate business in a pandemic. However, disruptions to supply chains is nothing new. Taking the proactive steps to ensure your business can handle the inevitable rises and dips in the industry will protect you in the year ahead. Ask yourself these 3 questions to ensure a successful 2021:

Is my supply chain efficient?

Many supply chain processes are much more efficient when automated. This can reduce internal and external costs, lighten workload, and eliminate manual tasks that are subject to human error like accounting or invoicing. It’s time to conduct an internal audit of processes that are good candidates for automation or outsourcing. Find a  LTL partner like PLP Logistics that streamlines rate shopping, scanning through load boards, and other manual tasks. 

How can I reduce costs early on?

Pandemic or not, supply chain costs are constantly on the rise. Cutting unnecessary costs can save you in the event of cash flow issues, disruptions, and more. The number one way you can lower expenses is finding a logistics partner like PLP that utilizes LTL-specific rating and pricing to ensure you’re not paying more than necessary and that you always get the best rates possible. 

LTL pricing with PLP takes into account distance, weight, and class of your shipment to ensure you’re not paying more than necessary to get your freight where it needs to go. Logistics partners that offer only blanket fees or flat rates often hide extra costs in their packages, hoping that convenience outweighs price. 

Can my supply chain handle fluctuations?

Adaptability goes hand in hand with efficiency. If your business only performs well under perfect conditions, you leave your operations vulnerable to abrupt changes like those we’ve seen this year. Increase your company’s flexibility with greater visibility into your supply chain by partnering with a logistics professional like PLP that helps you stay ahead of any bump in the road.  

While the future itself may always be uncertain, your business can proactively plan for whatever may come by adapting your supply chain, right now. Partner with PLP Logistics to fortify your business for the future.

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